Harrow Law Centre

This project will improve the support given to victims of crime who speak English as an Additional Language.

Project Objectives

  • To provide high quality advice and representation to victims of crime who have English as a second language
  • To increase awareness and establish clear referral mechanisms
  • To develop, pilot and evaluate a toolkit
  • To replicate the project in another area of the UK building on the learning from this project
  • To effect longer term change in access to justice for victims of crime

Project Partners

Harrow Law Centre provides a free and independent legal advice service to people who live or work in the London Borough of Harrow. They have a specialism in several areas of law including Housing, Asylum, Children and Young People, and EU Social Welfare. For its project with The Bell Foundation, Harrow Law Centre has partnered with The Law Centres Network. The Law Centres Network is the membership organisation and the national voice, representing Law Centres across the country.

About the Project

Harrow Law Centre and Law Centre Network will improve the support given to victims of hate crime, domestic violence, slavery or exploitation and who speak English as an Additional Language.

The Law Centre has found that victims’ awareness of these crimes is high, however responses to them and services to support them may not adequately cater for their additional needs and as a result they may not be able to access justice. The Law Centre, in partnership with the Law Centre Network, will develop advice and guidance for legal professionals and police to improve support for victims. Through the network of Law Centres, these materials will be distributed and further adapted to suit the demographic needs of other locations.