Return to School: Guidance for Teachers

Resources for practitioners working with learners who use EAL

Although some of the following videos make reference to school closures, they are still relevant in supporting EAL learners with home learning and/or homework during the education recovery period.

Webinar Recording: Supporting the home learning of primary EAL pupils
Webinar Recording: Supporting the home learning of secondary EAL pupils

During school closures, EAL learners are likely to have experienced a significant lack of exposure to English language models. This also includes lack of exposure to extended reading, listening and speaking opportunities. These opportunities are key to ensuring that learners progress in their English language proficiency, which in turn allows them to access the curriculum.

To help with this, The Bell Foundation has compiled a list of resources below which provide exposure to extended reading, listening (and where possible) speaking resources. This includes a downloadable document listing useful online resources (websites). Some resources are curriculum-focused, whereas others are language-focused. This is a ‘living’ resource and will be updated regularly.

EAL guidance videos

Using visuals with learners with EAL
Scaffolding writing
Taking advantage of EAL learners' first language
Giving instructions
Grading your language

List of EAL-friendly online resources