NALDIC – Capacity Building Partnership

The Bell Foundation and NALDIC

The Bell Foundation is supporting the National Association for Language Development In the Curriculum (NALDIC), the UK subject association for English as an Additional Language.  NALDIC’s mission is to promote the effective teaching and learning of English as an additional language in UK schools by providing a welcoming, professional forum. NALDIC promotes EAL research; best practice and promotes plurilingualism within the UK’s multilingual society.

The NALDIC annual conference and regional events

NALDIC runs a series of seminars, CPD programmes and knowledge exchange events. The NALDIC annual conference takes place in November and offers an opportunity for EAL practitioners and educationalists to gather and discuss the latest EAL pedagogy, policy and to share best practice.

NALDIC runs a network of effective networking groups for teachers, teacher educators and specialists. Groups regularly engage in discussions about how to meet the diverse needs of pupils, teachers, classrooms and schools.