The EAL Assessment Framework for Schools – What is it?

The EAL Assessment Framework for Schools was commissioned by The Bell Foundation to provide schools with a straightforward, easy-to-use assessment tool for assessing learners with English as an Additional Language. At its core are EAL assessment descriptors (one set for primary and one set for secondary) that teachers can use for both summative and formative assessment. The descriptors are designed specifically to support the teaching and learning of EAL pupils and to enable teachers to generate targets to guide progress. The Framework is underpinned by robust academic research and expertise and has been prepared with busy teachers in mind. (See also Arnot, et al., 2013, Evans, et al, 2016.)

The full introduction includes:

  • The EAL Assessment Framework for Schools – What is it?
  • How does the Framework fit with the DfE statutory reporting of EAL pupils’ Proficiency in English?
  • Why EAL Assessment?

Download the full introduction to learn more about what makes EAL assessment unique, and how it can help teachers and pupils.