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About Language for Results International

Language for Results International offers a high-quality suite of training, tools and resources for international schools to use and embed in order to enhance their EAL provision. Underpinned by the latest research, the resources are both evidence-informed and designed with learner impact at the forefront.

Language for Results International

The Bell Foundation understands that a whole-school approach to EAL provision is vital if all learners are to reach their full potential. That is why Language for Results International offers accessible training and resources for all school staff, allowing schools to bring pupils from every language background together in academic success. 

Language for Results International features a series of online courses which provide professional learning that accommodates fluctuating patterns of staff turnover, diverse profiles and learning needs. Each course is tutored and consists of at least five hours of content across a four-week period, including a live webinar. 

Schools will benefit through:

  • Embedding a whole-school culture of effective EAL provision
  • Establishing robust EAL assessment and evidence-informed EAL teaching strategies
  • Implementing impactful EAL support across the school
  • Showcasing the quality of the school’s EAL provision to the prospective parents of students using EAL


Language for Results International has been developed in response to the increased demand for access to a programme that is designed for, and tailored to, the specific needs of international schools. It has been adapted from Language for Results, which is a core part of The Bell Foundation’s evidence-informed and highly regarded EAL Programme for UK schools.

What is Language for Results?

A long-term programme which seeks to improve the attainment of children who speak English as an Additional Language. This is achieved through developing the knowledge and expertise of school staff, as well as by supporting schools to make their procedures even more effective both for EAL learners and their parents.

EAL Assessment Framework

The cornerstone of the programme is the EAL Assessment Framework for Schools, which was developed together with academics from King’s College London and the University of Cambridge. The Framework provides schools with an evidence-informed tool allowing them to accurately assess the proficiency in English of learners using EAL.

The Framework was originally developed for UK schools and won the prestigious British Council’s ELTons Award for Local Innovation. New materials are currently being developed in order to show how the Framework can best be employed in an international context.

Find out more about the EAL Assessment Framework.


From being trialled with school partners in England, the independent evaluation of Language for Results reported that the training had a significant impact on teachers’ confidence in:

  • Communicating with EAL learners
  • Planning lessons for EAL learners
  • Supporting EAL learners to develop their English language
The programme offered staff a way of thinking and behaving differently. Workshops were accessible for teachers and provided simple and practical strategies that could easily be embedded in everyday teaching practice. Headteacher

Training Opportunities

Language for Results International training seeks to improve the attainment of learners who use English as an Additional language in international settings by developing the knowledge and skills of international school staff.


Language for Results International offers a free webinar programme which aims to develop and embed expertise amongst international school staff, allowing participants to explore current research and issues related to EAL provision in international education.

Online Courses

Language for Results International offers a series of online courses to support school staff wanting to work more effectively with EAL learners.


Discover teaching resources and ideas for supporting EAL learners.


Download the Assessment Framework and digital Tracker to accurately assess the proficiency in English of learners using EAL.


From September 2022 Language for Results International will offer an accreditation scheme for international schools to demonstrate the quality of their provision for EAL learners.

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Language for Results International is a product aimed at enabling the international education sector to develop and embed EAL provision and expertise within their school and improve the educational outcomes of children using English as an Additional Language.