The Bell Foundation provide and promote an outstanding range of resources for EAL that are clear, practical to use, and easily accessible.

Language for Results International offers a range of free resources to support the teaching and development of learners who use EAL within international schools.

In January 2017, The Bell Foundation launched a free tool, the award-winning EAL Assessment Framework for Schools. The improved version of the Framework, published in 2019, is now accompanied by an interactive digital EAL Assessment Tracker and reporting tool, as well as guidance documents for classroom practitioners.

This website offers a huge range of free resources for the classroom to support learners who use EAL, including twenty Great Ideas pages – a collection of tried and tested strategies which any teacher could use in their classroom to support learners who use EAL. There is also information on online training courses, as well as free webinars and blogs.

By developing the knowledge and skills of school staff in international schools, Language for Results International aims to improve the attainment of learners who need to use English as an Additional Language in international settings.