• Do you work in an international school context with learners who use EAL?
  • Do you have responsibility for learners who use EAL?
  • Do you want to learn more about this diverse cohort of learners?
  • Do you want to provide your EAL learners with the support they need to fulfil their potential?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then why not join the thousands of educational professionals who have already engaged with The Bell Foundation’s range of quality-assured EAL training opportunities?

In 2021, two of The Bell Foundation’s Language for Results International courses and all of the free webinars received a 100% recommendation rate.

Language for Results International training seeks to improve the attainment of learners who use English as an Additional language in international settings by developing the knowledge and skills of international school staff through:

  • Flexible training opportunities to provide staff with an increased understanding of how to support learners who use EAL.
  • Practical application tasks that allow staff to develop and hone their skills in context and receive feedback from expert trainers.

The training also supports international schools in making procedures and communications as accessible and effective as possible for learners who use EAL and their parents.

Language for Results International training is offered through:

The training courses are adapted from The Bell Foundation’s highly successful Language for Results programme in England and have been trialled and evaluated with partner international schools in Europe and Asia, including Ecolint – The International School of Geneva, and Orbital Education, who reported that the courses have helped them develop a whole-school approach to EAL provision. Participants have praised the programme’s transferability to the classroom, which is achieved by providing:

  • Practical, transferable strategies, from basic communication skills to targeted differentiation techniques for EAL pupils.
    Ready-made resources that can be used and embedded in everyday practice.
  • Sufficient opportunities to familiarise themselves with, analyse and evaluate these strategies and resources.

For any general queries about our training, please use the Contact Us form.

Enjoyed the course; ... [the tutors] are both great teachers and I really enjoyed working with them and getting very useful feedback from them. It was also quite good to see people come together from different countries and to share in their experiences. Great course! Course participant, Supporting learners with EAL for Teaching Assistants

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