7th June 2018

Call for a Research Partner: How does having English as an additional language affect experiences and outcomes for individuals involved in the criminal justice system?

The Bell Foundation has launched a call for Expressions of Interest into delivering a three year research project on the needs of victims and offenders with English as an additional language who have contact with the criminal justice system of England and Wales, either as victims or offenders.

The Foundation has a specific interest in improving outcomes for victims and offenders who have English as an additional language. Language is often mentioned as a barrier for wellbeing and outcomes for offenders and victims of crime in the criminal justice system¹. But there has been no in-depth examination of the impact that struggling to communicate or comprehend in English can have on individuals both in prison and within the community.

Due to this paucity of data and understanding on this issue, the Foundation is commissioning a research project into this area which should cover the needs and experiences of individuals who have involvement in the criminal justice system; including victims, offenders and defendants. A core aim of the work will be to link research findings to policy and practice in criminal justice.

The Foundation is interested in hearing from university teams, think tanks, individual researchers, and other organisations with the capacity to deliver the research project. As the research scope is quite broad, individuals or teams who only feel able to cover part of it are still welcome to express their interest.

The deadline for submitting Expressions of Interest is Friday 6 July 2018, 5pm.

More information, including the Research Brief and Key Information, are available under “Call for a Research Partner” on the Partner with Us page of this site.


¹ HM Inspectorate of Prisons “Foreign national prisoners: a thematic review” July 2006