2nd July 2018

Training courses to support teachers working with EAL learners

The Bell Foundation Summer School is a series of five one-day English as an Additional Language (EAL) training courses for primary and secondary schools.  It responds to the challenges that UK state schools face in supporting over 1.5 million learners who speak English as an Additional Language, a figure which has more than doubled over the last ten years. Despite the growing numbers of EAL learners, research shows that training and support for schools, teachers and pupils remains inconsistent and can be difficult to access.

Last year, 98% of participants said they would recommend the Summer School to others and their feedback included:

“Thank you all so much, The Bell Foundation’s work is invaluable to the children we work with every day; we’re privileged as practitioners as we get to see all of your hard work implemented in our classrooms.”  Primary practitioner

“Thank you to all of you that put so much into delivering the training days, they were so informative, I feel much more confident going into the new school year with the new {Assessment] Framework and left with lots of helpful information and resource ideas.”  EAL co-ordinator

“The trainers are professional, experienced and inspiring.” EAL co-ordinator

All Bell Foundation courses are informed by the latest EAL and CPD research. They are designed to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of school staff so they can provide more effective support for EAL learners.

The 2018 programme runs from Tuesday 28 to Friday 31 August 2018 inclusive and includes EAL assessment training linked to The Bell Foundation’s EAL Assessment Framework for Schools winner of the Local Innovation category at the British Council’s ELTons Awards 2018. There is newly developed content in the ‘Differentiation’ and ‘EAL Co-ordinator Training’ days, as well as courses for teacher educators and senior leaders, ‘EAL Leadership: Prioritising EAL in Primary and Secondary Schools’.

One participant in the 2017 Summer School wrote about the experience in a recent edition of the EAL Journal.  The following is an extract from that article:

“I was looking for a coherent approach to EAL assessment and provision. My research quickly led me to The Bell Foundation’s Language for Results programme and the training opportunities and resources they are developing to address this need. On arriving at the EAL Summer School, I was introduced to delegates from across the country and from a range of agencies. I felt that this, coupled with the fact that the courses were fully booked despite being held in the summer holidays, was testament to the need for quality EAL CPD.

“I attended three of the four days of the Summer School. The first day established clear examples of how to differentiate and was further enhanced by sharing practice and ideas with colleagues. This resulted in a framework that I could take back to my own school to identify what is required to support learners at each stage. We had a chance to explore practical strategies, which I will share with teachers in my school to incorporate in their whole-class teaching.

“A large part of the training focused on moderation, and this will be a pivotal part of the training programme I take back to school.  It is essential in understanding the difference between conversational and academic language. I now look forward to being able to provide staff with clear answers to their EAL questions and providing The Bell Foundation’s comprehensive resources to promote the rapid acquisition of language at each stage.”
Dominique Bou Mansour, Inclusion Manager, Beechwood Primary

All courses are being held in modern training facilities set within beautiful grounds near the centre of Cambridge and within easy access of the main railway station and M11.

To find out more about the courses and how to book your place please visit our Events page.  If, you have any questions about the programme please complete the ‘Contact Us’ form.