Guiding Principles

Underpinning the EAL Assessment Framework for Schools

To ensure that the Framework was evidence-informed, The Bell Foundation commissioned a Research and Development team to provide scales of Proficiency descriptors that chart EAL student progress. The team was made up of Professor Constant Leung at Kings College London, Dr Michael Evans and Dr Yongcan Liu at The University of Cambridge, and Dr Neil Jones.

The team first drew up a set of guiding principles for EAL assessment, then researched existing published frameworks to establish a solid foundation on which to build the new Framework. They did this by sampling descriptors from existing scales and ordering them using the latest online tools.

The full Research and Development report includes:

  • What underpins the Framework?
  • The guiding principles of EAL assessment
  • Assessment affects the quality of teaching and learning – what is its purpose and why do we need it?

Download the full research summary, which includes information on comparative judgement, research tools used and approaches to analysis.