Hibiscus Initiatives

This project aims to develop a new model of care to victims of slavery and trafficking.

Project Objectives

  • Improved understanding and communication between victims of trafficking and modern slavery and statutory and non-statutory agencies
  • Improved post 45-day support that is trauma informed and women-centred
  • Improved knowledge and good practice in working with victims of trafficking and modern slavery
  • Increased opportunities for early intervention

Project Partners

Hibiscus Initiatives is a charity with expertise in working with marginalised foreign national women and refugees in prison, the community and in detention. They deliver a range of services to support the rehabilitation of foreign national women across the criminal justice sector. Hibiscus Initiatives provides practical and emotional support, campaigns for the rights of detainees, undertakes and partners on research. They can provide assistance in twenty different languages thanks to the support of 50 volunteers.

About the Project

Over the last two years Hibiscus Initiatives has seen referrals for victims of slavery and trafficking rise by over 50%. The needs of victims are complex, and many may be suffering from trauma which can make communication and comprehension more challenging. In the months after being recognised as a victim of trafficking/slavery, individuals regularly have to engage with a large number of statutory agencies and language and cultural barriers can have an impact on both sides’ understanding.

Hibiscus Initiatives is looking to develop a new model of care to victims of slavery/trafficking which uses linguistic and cultural knowledge to break down barriers and improve communication in order to assist victims in understanding legal and criminal justice processes and to help victims communicate their experiences accurately.