Generative Artificial Intelligence in Education - Call for Evidence

In this submission from August 2023, The Bell Foundation outlined the risks and possible benefits of artificial intelligence in education, as well as the actions that should be taken to ensure it is used responsibly.

The Department for Education should engage education sector stakeholders and experts to:

  • Develop guidance for artificial intelligence (AI) in education to ensure that AI systems are designed to respect equity, and diversity and include appropriate safeguards towards this end.
  • Formulate and disseminate principles and guidelines for the application of AI and algorithm-based tools in education that set standards for trustworthy and innovative AI.
  • Consider the implications of widespread adoption of this technology in teacher training.
  • Given the relative newness of generative AI in education and more generally, work is needed through an expert panel over a period of time to consider in more depth the ethical and legal considerations as they emerge, particularly for pupils who are disadvantaged, speak EAL or are from minoritized communities.