Supporting the Education of Children Who Use English as an Additional Language

Policy briefing

In this briefing, we explore the educational outcomes of pupils who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL) and the policy changes we need to see to ensure EAL learners receive the effective support they are entitled to.

Our recommendations include:

  • It is vital that the schools funding formula appropriately recognises the support needs for children who speak EAL.
  • An effective teacher training programme is needed to generate and maintain EAL expertise in schools.
  • The statutory assessment of English proficiency should be reintroduced in line with the data collected in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, with accompanying guidance from the Department for Education.
  • Provision is needed in schools and/or colleges that enables pupils who arrive late into the English school system to access a broader curriculum.
  • Ensure that policy is informed by robust analysis of EAL learners’ data, including time of arrival, first language, and proficiency in English.

For more information on the educational outcomes of EAL pupils, explore our research.