Working with The Bell Foundation

The Bell Foundation works to create opportunities, change lives and overcome exclusion through language education.

Currently, the Foundation runs two programmes:

The EAL programme

A five year programme which aims to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged children who speak English as an additional language. The EAL programme includes Language for Results, a whole school language intervention, as well as collaborations with non-school partners such as charities, and university departments. We are currently trialling Language for Results with a range of strategic schools partners across the UK. If you are interested in finding out more about the programme please visit the Language for Results page.

We remain interested in hearing from potential partners who can work with us to deliver current or new activities which achieve the objectives of the EAL programme. We are particularly keen to hear from partners who are able to contribute to our Thought Leadership objective. If you think your organisation can help meet these objectives, or if you have an innovative research partnership idea, please contact us on with a brief proposal summary of no more than two pages. Proposals can be considered at any time of the year.

The proposal should include the following information:

  • Organisation name and charity/company number (if applicable)
  • Contact details
  • Why your proposed work is needed
  • What your proposed work seeks to do, and how
  • How you will know if your work has been successful
  • A draft timeline of the work you are proposing
  • An indicative budget of your proposed work, highlighting how much your organisation or another partner will contribute and any resource requested from The Bell Foundation

A member of staff will contact you within four weeks to let you know whether your proposal is one of strategic interest to us. If we think it might be, you will be asked to complete a Project Planner form to give us more information. The final decision on whether to support a proposal lies with our Trustees. The Trustees meet four times a year so it can take up to three months to give a final decision.

Language for Change

A programme which aims to contribute to reducing re-offending rates of ex/offenders through removing the language barrier to rehabilitation. On our Language for Change programme we have four partnerships to help us achieve our strategic objectives. We are always interested in hearing from organisations which can make a substantial contribution to the programme’s objectives. Please contact us on


Evaluation is important to us and an integral part of our approach. Our programmes and partnerships are externally evaluated by Cloud Chamber Ltd who work with us to support our partners from the early stages of project development.

Our approach - working in partnership

The Bell Foundation works in partnership. Our programme partners include schools, charities, other funders, social enterprises and universities. Partnerships are typically co-developed with the Foundation staff team and supported during the planning stages. Throughout the delivery of the work, partners are supported with advice, signposting and sometimes the provision of a grant. Our partners also receive the support of our evaluator, Cloud Chamber Ltd, to evaluate projects.

We expect that our partners will:

  • Deliver work which contributes to achieving one or more of our programme objectives
  • Carry out work which is for charitable purposes
  • If necessary be provided with a grant
  • Have the opportunity for a long term partnership
  • Commit to using our simple evaluation framework
  • Be keen to share learnings with others
  • Work in the UK (but can trial work from elsewhere).