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English for Speakers of Other Languages Programme

The Bell Foundation has launched a new ESOL Programme. Evidence shows that young people with ESOL needs are at risk of not going into further education, employment or training and migrants with low competency in English are at higher risk of exploitation. The Foundation wants to find out what young people and migrants need from ESOL learning to ensure they are able to go into meaningful employment, and to identify and share good practice in ESOL provision for all learners.

Benefits of engaging with the ESOL Programme

  • Evaluation

    Understand the impact of ESOL services, both positive and areas for improvement

  • Good Practice

    Test and evaluate innovative methods for delivering ESOL tuition

  • Evidence

    Conduct research to understand the ESOL needs of young people and migrant workers

A new programme to improve outcomes for adults who use English as an Additional Language

Funding research into the needs of and outcomes for ESOL learners.

Working in partnership with organisations to improve policy and practice in ESOL 

Materials to support ESOL teachers and learners in diverse ESOL settings.

We believe in diversity, valuing difference and tolerance. Discover more about our values, beneficiaries, strategy and how our programmes empower beneficiaries to overcome exclusion through language education.

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If you teach EAL students, follow The Bell Foundation and engage with them. This is an amazing Foundation, doing excellent work and research in the EAL world. Many interesting articles to read on their website, in addition to excellent resources. Teacher

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The ESOL Programme seeks to enable young people and migrant workers to develop their English language skills as a means to achieving their social, educational and/or employment goals.