ESOL Resources

As part of the “Improving Language, Improving Lives” project, the Foundation has developed two resources in partnership with The Learning & Work Institute to improve identification of prisoners with ESOL needs, and to provide contextually appropriate teaching resources and guidance to ESOL tutors teaching in prison.

ESOL Tutor Resource Pack

The Bell Foundation has published an ESOL Tutor Resource Pack to support tutors working in the secure estate and in community rehabilitation/probation settings. The resources combine language learning with embedded wider capabilities in numeracy, digital, health, financial and civic (including elements of personal and social development), designed to make learning engaging and relevant to life in prison and in the community.

ESOL classes taking place in prison will often contain a wide variety of proficiencies, the ESOL Tutor Resource Pack specifically includes activities for all levels across speaking, reading, listening, and writing competencies.

In 2019 the ESOL Tutor Resource Pack was a Finalist in the Local Innovation category of the British Council’s ELTons Awards which recognise excellence in English language teaching globally.

ESOL Screening Tool

As part of the “Improving Language, Improving Lives” project, the Foundation has also produced an ESOL screening tool for non-specialists. The tool is designed to help prison officers and non-specialist staff to identify ESOL needs and to encourage referral to ESOL provision.

In the video below, HMP Isle of Wight which are using the tool, explain how they use the screening tool.

If you or your organisation is interested in learning more about the tool and how it could be used, please contact Letty Thomas, Programme Officer,