We currently work with five key partners: Hibiscus Initiatives, St Giles Trust, Shannon Trust, Learning & Work Institute and The Reading Agency.

Through our partnerships, the Language for Change programme has contributed to work in 121 prisons within England and Wales. Programme partner Shannon Trust had by 2016 reached nearly 2000 prisoners who had learnt to read thanks to its programme, with an estimated 30% of these having English as a second language.

By the end of 2016, 189 prisoner peer advisors trained to NVQ levels 3 and 4 through our work with St Giles Trust were active, supporting 372 Foreign National Prisoners. Our work with Hibiscus Initiatives contributed to 1,300 vulnerable migrants in the criminal justice system receiving support with multiple complex needs.

Through our work with Learning & Work Institute, we are currently developing a learner centred, capabilities based approach to ESOL in prisons, and with our support The Reading Agency is adapting their prison library Reading Challenge for prisoners with English as a Second Language.

Evaluation of our partnerships and interventions enables us to develop robust, evidence based research, building and disseminating knowledge in relation to the impact of the language barrier to rehabilitation.