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Language for Results International

Providing expert EAL courses and training for the international school sector.

Language for Results International is The Bell Foundation’s new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) offer. It has been informed by evidence and developed by experts in language education to provide a comprehensive set of training, resources and tools for international schools. Language for Results International offers a combination of high-quality resources, award-winning Assessment Framework and online CPD courses for teachers, as well as a whole-school accreditation scheme to achieve excellence in EAL support in international schools.

Benefits of Language for Results International

  • Personalised content

    A tailored whole-school approach to EAL provision with courses for different roles within a school

  • Accreditation

    The scheme will allow schools to develop and showcase the quality of their EAL provision

  • Excellence

    Key transferrable skills and strategies for staff to facilitate greater opportunities for learners who use EAL to achieve academic excellence

  • Award-winning Assessment Framework

    A tool to assess and track the progress of learners who use EAL, developed in partnership with academics from King’s College London and the University of Cambridge

Language for Results International offers a high-quality suite of training, tools and resources for international schools to use and embed in order to enhance their EAL provision.

Download the Assessment Framework and digital Tracker to accurately assess the proficiency in English of learners using EAL.

The Foundation provides a calendar of training opportunities including online courses and webinars. 

Language for Results International offers a series of online courses to support school staff wanting to work more effectively with EAL learners.

Free webinars provide those who work with learners who use EAL with direct access to expertise in EAL research, policy and pedagogy.

A range of free resources to support the teaching and development of learners who use EAL within international schools.

From September 2022 Language for Results International will offer an accreditation scheme for international schools to demonstrate the quality of their provision for EAL learners.

Keep up to date on Language for Results International developments.

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The new international section of the [Bell Foundation] website is a major development as EAL in an English-speaking country looks rather different to EAL in an international school environment.

Useful Resources

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This Maths resource aims to support the development of vocabulary and grammatical structures learners need to talk about plotting coordinates on an x/y axis grid.

Romeo and Juliet Act 1

This work pack is intended to support beginner EAL learners to access Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet when being studied as a class text.

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Language for Results International is a product aimed at enabling the international education sector to develop and embed EAL provision and expertise within their school and improve the educational outcomes of children using English as an Additional Language.