From September 2022 Language for Results International will offer an accreditation scheme for international schools to demonstrate the quality of their provision for EAL learners.

Schools who successfully complete the accreditation process will receive a quality mark for use on promotional materials.

What are the benefits for your school?

The accreditation process:

  • Raises the profile and quality of EAL provision across the whole school
  • Enables school leaders and Heads of EAL to develop a clear vision and practical plan for the development of EAL provision
  • Provides access to EAL experts to advise and guide schools through the process

The quality mark:

  • Provides a recognised accreditation mark to help schools to stand out from the competition
  • Highlights the quality of the EAL provision the school offers
  • Demonstrates to prospective parents and learners that the school takes EAL provision seriously and offers effective support for learners with EAL
  • Shows prospective staff that the school has a pro-active approach to professional development

The purpose of the accreditation scheme is to help international schools improve their EAL provision across the whole school. The accreditation process takes place remotely via electronic correspondence, online meetings and the submission of an electronic portfolio of evidence. Language for Results International experts will guide schools through the process and be available for consultation throughout.

The Language for Results International Accreditation Scheme will be available from September 2022.

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