Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Children love the story, but it can be a difficult book for EAL learners to access.

This resource provides an abundance of exciting activities to enable EAL learners at various levels of English to engage more fully when studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

These activities provide a range of speaking and listening opportunities that will develop vocabulary and promote writing skills. Other activities incorporate modelling to scaffold language and learning, resulting in accelerated progress in not only listening and speaking, but also in writing.

Activities such as the fortune line, characters card sort and characters matrix extend learners’ vocabulary while the word detectives activity provides a clear model that learners can draw on when writing their own version of the text. Sentence combining supports learners in improving texts and making them more interesting.

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This resource was originally developed by L. Webster and has been adapted for The Bell Foundation’s teaching materials and resources. The resource was formally referenced as EAL Nexus.

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