Electrical circuits

These resources support beginner learners in talking and writing about simple electrical circuits.

The connect 4 game supports the learning of key vocabulary.

The word bank not only supports the acquisition of key vocabulary, but can also serve as both a speaking frame and writing scaffold.

The substitution table enables learners to write simple but grammatically correct sentences about constructing a basic electrical circuit.

Attractive visuals help to make this a fun resource for learners to use.

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On the right hand side of this page are a number of documents that you can download for free. Please note that the Teaching Notes and Resources can be found in the pdf document (the first item on the list), whilst the PowerPoint document(s) include(s) presentation(s) which you can display on your interactive board in your classroom.

Licence information

© The Bell Educational Trust Limited. This resource is free to use for educational purposes.

This resource was originally developed by L. Webster and has been adapted for The Bell Foundation’s teaching materials and resources. The resource was formally referenced as EAL Nexus.

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