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The versatility of visual organisers makes them an excellent tool to support learners with English as an additional language.

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When information is presented in a visual form, learners with various degrees of English can engage in discussions/exploratory talk and collaborative learning; thus helping them improve their language skills, as well as conceptual development. The organisers can also support learners to develop/enhance their writing.

The PowerPoint includes seventeen visual organisers. Although many organisers can be used for different purposes, in this resource the seventeen organisers have been grouped into the following categories: classifying, describing, ranking, reasoning and sequencing. Each organiser is provided with an animated example; the multi-layered slides demonstrate how each organiser can be used.

Each example has a cloze exercise and the opportunity for teachers to set a subject-/topic-related task to do on a blank Word or PDF template. At the end of the PowerPoint, a set of sample sentences is given as reminders to give further support or as differentiation, when learners do the teacher-set task.Teachers can use the entire PowerPoint, or part of it, as an introduction to visual organisers or choose the example(s) that they need for their subjects/topics.

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© The Bell Educational Trust Limited. This resource is free to use for educational purposes.

This resource was originally developed by N. Lea and has been adapted for The Bell Foundation’s teaching materials and resources. The resource was formally referenced as EAL Nexus.

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