Telling the time

These EAL resources provide support in using language required to tell the time and talk about daily routines linked to the Key Stage 1 Maths curriculum. They may also be useful for New to English learners at Key Stage 2 or above, who need to learn the basic language for telling the time.

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What’s in these resources?

There are three sets of flashcards adapted for learners in Year 1, 2, and 3 to introduce key vocabulary:

  • general telling time vocabulary
  • telling the time to the hour, half-past the hour and quarter to/quarter past the hour
  • Roman numerals 1-12

There is an adaptable bingo game to help review and consolidate speaking and listening skills related to telling the time and practice drawing and recognising different times. A barrier game activity helps learners ask and answer questions about the time of day when they do different daily activities. Lastly, there is a collaborative activity to further consolidate language needed to describe daily routines and help learners make comparisons about their daily lives. These activities include substitution tables to scaffold the spoken language involved for those learners who are already reading in English.

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