This KS3 EAL resource builds up learners' knowledge of tsunamis as well as their speaking skills as pupils are guided through activities culminating in orally explaining the causes of a tsunami in Part 1 and orally recounting a historical tsunami in Part 2.

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What’s in these resources?

Part 1 – How Does a Tsunami Happen?

• A visually supported text to jointly deconstruct, highlighting language features found in causal explanations;
• A graphic organiser for learners to visually represent cause and effect;
• Flashcards for learners to practice with, using multiple references of cause and effect;
• An activity that supports learners to give an oral explanation.

Part 2 – Historical Tsunamis

• A model text to demonstrate language features found in an historical account;
• A set of jigsaw readings along with maps to support learners’ ability to recount an event;
• A structured discussion to enable learners to use the language of justification.

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