The Woman in Black

This pack of KS4 EAL resources for teaching the novella The Woman in Black contains activities and tested strategies to support multilingual learners who use EAL to access the text.

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Part 1

In Part 1, the emphasis is on building vocabulary knowledge so that students can begin to talk and write about the key literary aspects. It contains activities for learners to begin exploring the main characters and to practise ways of talking and writing about them. In addition, there is an activity for students to identify the key settings in the story and begin to draw conclusions about how the setting descriptions illustrate key themes including isolation, loss, fear and horror in the story.

Part 2

The next two parts contain resources for students to explore key elements of the plot, the key themes and to learn and practise writing their responses to the reading. Part 2 contains opportunities for students to consolidate their knowledge of the plot with the help of summaries and visuals, and to explore the motivations of the main characters.

Part 3

This final part offers the scaffolding of writing frames and a dictogloss activity to support students to write about the relationship between plot, setting, and key themes and to prepare to write a response in an exam.

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