Creating an Inclusive Language Policy (Webinar)

This webinar will provide a framework for creating and evaluating a language policy to help enact inclusive EAL provision in an international school setting.

This webinar will provide practical guidance for creating, revising, and evaluating a school language policy as a tool for developing more inclusive and effective English as an Additional Language (EAL) provision. We will examine what types of information a language policy could include and explore how each area might help address academic, social, linguistic, and attitudinal inclusivity. Lastly, we will introduce a framework for evaluating a language policy in terms of inclusion and ensuring that it acts as an effective means to achieving impactful EAL provision in your setting.

Areas of focus will include:

  • The rationale for having a language policy;
  • Practical suggestions for areas to cover in an inclusive policy;
  • The four dimensions of inclusion for EAL (as per Evans et al., 2020);
  • Evaluating the inclusivity and effectiveness of a language policy;
  • Ideas for applying this information and taking action in your own setting.

References: Evans, M., Schneider, C., Arnot, M., Fisher, L., Forbes, K., Liu, Y. and Welply, O., 2020. Language development and social integration of students with English as an additional language. Cambridge University Press.

Who should register for the webinar

  • EAL co-ordinators;
  • EAL teachers;
  • International school leaders.

Please note: this webinar is for international participants only. Please click here to view our upcoming webinars and online courses for those living and working in the UK.

Why you should register for the webinar

  • A deeper understanding of the function and role of a language policy and its potential influence on EAL provision;
  • Greater awareness of how to create or revise a language policy to fit your own context;
  • More confidence in evaluating the usefulness and inclusivity of your school’s language policy and making recommendations for change;
  • Time-saving, one-hour intensive session with Q&A;
  • Access to session recording;
  • First to hear about future webinars and how to sign up.

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Your speaker, Tom

Tom Beakes at The Bell Foundation

Tom Beakes joined The Bell Foundation in 2020. Tom has worked in language education since 2003 and has taught in China, Japan, Ecuador and north Africa. His main areas of interest are teaching young learners, international education and teacher development. He holds an MA in anthropological linguistics and is CELTA and DELTA qualified. He has worked as a teacher trainer in the UK and abroad and helped create The Bell Foundation’s Language for Results International suite of online training courses. He also works as an assessor for The Bell Foundation’s ALFRI accreditation programme.

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