Introduction to EAL Assessment MOOC course

*MOOC: Massive Open Online Course

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What is the Introduction to EAL Assessment MOOC course?

This course provides an introduction to the design, structure and purposes behind The Bell Foundation’s EAL Assessment Framework and provides numerous opportunities for practitioners to practice using it with the aid of samples of speaking and writing. With the help of this course, you will be able to assess your EAL learners’ English language skills with confidence, monitor their progress and set relevant targets.

How is it organised?

The course is divided into three modules, each of which will take up to an hour to complete:

Module 1:

  • Explores the rationale for EAL assessment.

  • Provides information about how the design and structure of The Bell Foundation’s EAL Assessment Framework.

  • Introduces the A-T-S sequence, from assessing learners’ English language proficiency through setting them targets to selecting effective classroom strategies.

Module 2:

  • Helps you understand how to work with The Bell Foundation’s EAL Assessment Framework for schools.

  • Provides you with practice in using the ATS sequence to assess samples of learners’ speaking and writing skills and includes video feedback on each of the steps.

  • Includes a series of videos where a Bell Foundation trainer demonstrates in real time how an assessment could be conducted.

Module 3:

  • Provides teachers with more speaking skills assessment opportunities by focusing on analysing language samples as used by a learner.

  • The final assignment, gives teachers a choice of assessing one of three writing samples using the ATS sequence.

The course has primary and secondary versions. Participants will receive a certificate of completion, automatically generated at the end of the course.

How can you access this course?

The series is available via the Foundation’s Moodle platform.

Access the materials, self-register and enrol here:

If you already have a Moodle account, you will be able to enroll on the series directly from within Moodle. If you are new to Moodle, you will need to create a free account first

As with all our courses, it is important we know how useful and relevant to teachers and schools this course is. Please complete our feedback survey, available at the end of the course. 

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  1. It is completely free, entirely online and available 24/7.
  2. There are no fixed enrolment dates or maximum number of attendees.
  3. You can learn at your own pace: all participants have 2 years in which to complete the 3-hour course.
  4. There are no tutors on this course, instead there are numerous feedback and commentary videos provided.
  5. You can re-take the activities in the course as many times you’d like.