Accreditation by Language for Results International

Teacher with three students
It’s really been quite instrumental in not just moving our practice forward, but our conversations, our professional relationships, so it’s been an exceptionally important piece of work. Thank you. Head of Secondary, Baleares International College

Accreditation by Language for Results International (ALFRI) is The Bell Foundation’s accreditation scheme for international schools designed to provide a recognised and trusted stamp of excellence in EAL provision.

The ALFRI scheme supports international schools to evaluate, develop and improve their leadership and educational provision for plurilingual pupils who use English as an Additional Language (EAL). It has a specific specialist focus on improving the learning of plurilingual learners who require English language support and has been designed to supplement general accreditation schemes for international schools.

How will ALFRI benefit your school?

The accreditation process aims to:

  • Raise the profile and quality of EAL provision across the whole school.
  • Guide school leaders and heads of EAL to develop a clear vision and practical plan for further development of EAL provision.
  • Provide access to EAL experts to advise and guide schools through the process.
  • Promote opportunities for self-reflection on EAL provision and teaching and learning practices within an international setting.
  • Support schools in adopting whole school, collaborative working practices to embed effective provision for plurilingual pupils who use EAL.

Schools that successfully complete the accreditation process will receive the following quality mark for use on promotional materials and a certificate.

The quality mark can be used to:

  • Demonstrate to prospective and existing parents and learners, governing bodies and other relevant stakeholders that the school:
    • Takes EAL provision seriously.
    • Meets quality standards of EAL leadership and provision.
    • Implements an inclusive curriculum which promotes effective language development alongside subject learning for plurilingual learners.
  • Show prospective staff that the school has a proactive approach to professional development regarding EAL.
  • Allow schools to stand out from the competition.

Given its specific streamlined focus on EAL and the fact that it functions entirely online, ALFRI offers an affordable, robust and worthwhile proposition for international schools to demonstrate the quality of their EAL provision.

If you are interested in finding out more, please download and read the ALFRI Outline of the Accreditation Process document.

What is the price of Accreditation by Language for Results International?

Prices for Accreditation by Language for Results International are set at £1,750 per school.

How to apply

If your school would like to book a whole-school CPD programme including online courses and accreditation, please email with your requirements. Please see the Language for Results International for Schools page for more information.

If your school wishes to book an accreditation only, please complete this Application Form.

The ALFRI process has been incredibly smooth, and highly valuable to our schools. It allowed our schools to do a deep self-reflection on their EAL provision and teaching practices, as well as reflect on languages and multilingualism in an international environment. The accreditation process has highlighted strengths and set goals to achieve in areas still in need of development. The ALFRI framework allows our schools to set clear goals, embrace a common approach to catering for EAL students, and makes sure that we are all walking in the same direction. For us as a group, the ALFRI process ties into our group goals, and allows us to bring the best of EAL tuition to our students. We are looking forward to our next accreditation rounds. Orbital Group, e-learning manager