Partner with Us

Partnerships are at the centre of the Foundation’s programmes. Research, delivery and grants partnerships enable the Foundation to achieve positive impacts for beneficiaries. The Foundation works with an external evaluator to understand and measure the impact of its programmes, and to ensure that projects are designed with the outcomes and impact as the focus.


Programme partners include schools, charities, other funders, and universities. Partnerships are typically co-developed with The Bell Foundation, with support offered during the planning stages in the form of advice, guidance and, where appropriate, the provision of a grant. Partners also receive the support of the Foundation’s independent evaluator, Cloud Chamber Limited, to evaluate projects.

The Bell Foundation’s partnerships:

  • Contribute to achieving one or more of the Foundation’s programme objectives
  • Carry out work which is for charitable purposes (with the exception of Language for Results International partners)
  • Be provided with a grant if appropriate or necessary
  • Be open to the opportunity for a long-term partnership
  • Commit to using the evaluation framework
  • Be keen to share learnings with others
  • Work in the UK (with the exception of Language for Results International partners)

Become a partner

To find out more about the types of partnerships each programme is engaged in, please select the relevant programme below:

Other opportunities

Language for Results International is looking to recruit international schools to become its evaluation partners from 2021 – please register your interest using the Contact Us form.