Our Approach & Evaluation

Our EAL Programme and Criminal Justice Programme consist of projects and interventions, implemented by ourselves, partners and grantees, all of which contribute to achieving the strategic aims of the respective programmes.

To assess the success of our programmes it is important for us to learn how each project and intervention contributes to our aims. To do this, we have worked with an external evaluator, Cloud Chamber, developing flexible, easy to use evaluative frameworks for our two programmes. The evaluation frameworks help our partners and grantees to develop appropriate tools to measure impact and effectiveness of interventions, which support overall learning at programme level.

The evaluator works with us and our partners to use a framework which is tailored to the project or intervention and useful as an indicator for the programme as a whole. This guarantees that the information collected is easily accessible to our partner or grantee. We expect our partners to commit to using our evaluation framework and ensure that the evaluation process is:

  • Collaborative: evaluation benefits both the programme and implementing partners. We hope and expect that our programme partners share our desire to continually improve the programme, and will work collaboratively with us to identify relevant evaluation evidence.
  • Non-judgemental: we evaluate both to learn about what works, and also to assess what does not work. We believe that a solution focused approach encourages honesty and openness in the discussion of evaluation with our programme partners.
  • Supportive: a supportive, constructive approach to evaluation maximises the benefits of evaluation. Project partners have access to professional evaluation support throughout the programme. Our evaluation process always starts by looking at using information already routinely collected, and if needed there is full support available to determine what else would be useful to collect, and how to do that in the best and easiest way.

In practice, committing to our evaluation framework means that partners agree to a set of questions to which they collect the to answers throughout the project. The answers to these questions enable us to see whether the project has been successful.

For more information about our evaluation framework, please contact us at info@bell-foundation.org.uk