Language Barriers in the Criminal Justice System

Support for those with English as an Additional Language (Policy Tables)

As part of Language Barriers in the Criminal Justice System Research Project, researchers from the Institute for Crime and Justice Policy Research, Victim Support and the Centre for Justice Innovation have produced a guide to the policies, laws and practice in place regarding interpreting, translation and English as an additional language in the Criminal Justice system. It is the first guide to gather together law policy and practice guidance in one place for the whole criminal justice system.

The comprehensive guide covers a very wide variety of system users and situations such as police custody, witness services, prisons, professionals. As the tables include legal entitlements, policies and practice guidance it will help practitioners, researchers and policymakers in identifying gaps or ensuring that a service user’s rights are upheld.

The policy and practice overview can be downloaded below.

The ‘Language Barriers in the Criminal Justice System’ event held in October 2020 introduced the policy tables and highlighted the impact of the English language barrier on individuals wishing to access justice and rehabilitation in the criminal justice system.  Below are links to the event recording and the two main presentations.

Watch the event recording