A Christmas Carol part 5

This work pack is intended to support beginner EAL learners in classes studying 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens.

There is also a short summary of the plot of Stave 5, accompanied by flashcards of key words. A list of more abstract key words and phrases is also included, to be translated into the learner’s first language. The pack also contains several DARTs activities to reinforce understanding of the summary. An answer sheet is supplied so that learners can check their own work where appropriate. This resource is intended to be used in conjunction with similar packs on the other Staves of ‘A Christmas Carol’ also available on EAL Nexus.

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Licence information

© The Bell Educational Trust Limited. This resource is free to use for educational purposes.

This resource was originally developed by R. Wilson for EAL Nexus and has been adapted for The Bell Foundation’s teaching materials and resources. The resource was formally referenced as EAL Nexus.