ESOL Worksheets (Criminal Justice Programme)

The Foundation has developed a set of ESOL Worksheets for independent learning in prisons.

During the covid-19 pandemic, prisons across England and Wales entered into a prolonged period of lockdown, with many prisoners confined to their cells with less than one hour out of it per day. With education and employment activities shut down, there was a lack of purposeful activity opportunities. This situation is even more challenging for prisoners with ESOL needs as they are unable to access learning materials and activities designed for native English speakers with higher levels of literacy.

In response, the Foundation developed a set of ESOL Worksheets for independent learning. They are designed to be printed in black and white, and do not require additional CDs or access to computers or the internet. The worksheets include topics such as cooking, biographies, personal development, whilst avoiding topics that are less relevant such as holidays.

The worksheets can also be adapted for use in community classrooms.

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