Organs and systems

This is a set of visual resources introducing seven of the main organs in the human body: brain, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, skin and heart, and the six systems of which these organs are part.

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This set includes a reference booklet, a set of flashcards, a graphic organiser, substitution table, multilingual word bank and a cloze activity.

These resources are suitable for teaching the topic of life processes to EAL beginners between 12-16. The resources are visual, including a range of collaborative activities. The learners can use their L1 prior knowledge of the topic to learn the new vocabulary.

The reference booklet is provided on PowerPoint and includes the basic topic vocabulary and visuals. It can be used electronically with the whole class or printed off for individuals.

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Licence information

© The Bell Educational Trust Limited. This resource is free to use for educational purposes.

This resource was originally developed by Z. Davies and has been adapted for The Bell Foundation’s teaching materials and resources. The resource was formally referenced as EAL Nexus.

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