The Tempest Act 5

This work pack is intended to support beginner EAL learners to access Act 5 of Shakespeare's The Tempest when being studied as a class text.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with resource packs on the other four acts of the play, and other EAL Nexus resources on The Tempest.

The pack contains an easy to follow summary of the plot of Act 5 in accessible English, accompanied by flashcards of key words. This summary is supported with several DARTS activities which EAL learners can explore collaboratively or independently. The aim of the pack is to enable beginner EAL learners to understand  the plot of The Tempest and to become familiar with the main characters and their situation. Answers to the DARTs activities are provided so learners can mark their own work. This is a highly visual resource with Manga-style illustrations to appeal to young people.

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