Free EAL Teaching Resources

The Bell Foundation offers a range of free resources to support EAL teaching and development within schools.

In January 2017, a free tool, the award-winning EAL Assessment Framework for Schools, was launched. The improved version of the Framework, published in 2019, is now accompanied by an interactive digital EAL Assessment Tracker and reporting tool.

This website offers a huge range of free advice and resources for the classroom to support learners with EAL. There is also information on online, blended, and face-to-face training courses, as well as free webinars. By developing the knowledge and skills of school staff the Foundation aims to improve the attainment of children who use EAL.

Our latest resources

Parts of a plant and their functions

This EAL resource pack is for KS1/2 learners. It helps learners to identify different parts of a plant and flower, and to talk and write about the different functions of these parts.

Fighting for Civil Rights in the United States

This EAL resource pack provides a jigsaw reading activity for KS3 learners. Each learner reads about a different aspect of the civil rights movement (bus boycotts, marches, sit-ins, and legal opposition), then share what they learned.

Martin Luther King

This EAL resource pack provides reading and speaking activities which introduce learners to the life of Martin Luther King.

Blog: EAL Children and the Early Years Sector – The Best Start?

In this blog, Professor Claudine Bowyer-Crane and Dr Silke Fricke look at the achievement gap for EAL pupils in early years, exploring the reality behind the misleading data and what this means for policy.