Language for Results Training

  • Do you work in a multicultural, multilingual classroom?
  • Do you have policy responsibility for learners with English as an Additional Language (EAL)?
  • Do you want to learn more about this diverse cohort of learners?
  • Do you want to provide this cohort with the support they need to fulfil their potential?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then why not join the 3,000+ teachers who have already engaged with The Bell Foundation’s range of quality assured EAL training opportunities, which have achieved a recommendation rate of 99%.

We have learnt this year that much of the content of the Language for Results programme will be just as helpful in terms of enhancing the skills of our under-achieving white British students as it is for EAL students, and it is the aim this year to widen the use of the programme to include these students.

Language for Results is a long term, not for profit, evaluated programme designed by The Bell Foundation. It seeks to improve the attainment of children who speak English as an Additional Language by developing the knowledge and skills of school staff, and by supporting the school to make its procedures and communications (even more) accessible and effective for EAL students and their parents. The programme is informed by up to date research on EAL pupils’ educational achievement and school approaches to the education of EAL students.

The Language for Results programme was trialled and evaluated with school partners in England, who reported that it helped them to develop a whole school approach to EAL provision. Senior Management and teachers praised the programme’s transferability to the classroom, which is achieved by applying evidence-informed insights into what constitutes impactful Continuing Professional Development (CPD).   For school staff this means providing:

  • Practical, transferable strategies, from basic communication skills to targeted differentiation techniques for EAL pupils
  • Ready-made resources that can be used and embedded in everyday practice
  • Sufficient opportunities to familiarise themselves with, analyse and evaluate such strategies, techniques and resources

Language for Results is offered through:

  • Regional Centres of Expertise that work with local schools to develop sustainable EAL provision.  The programme is being scaled through this network of Centres
  • Language for Results training courses include:
    Webinars: free, one-hour, online webinars
    Online and Blended Training Courses: a mix of either online or blended (online and face-to-face) training courses spread over a four to eight-week period 

The Bell Foundation has developed evidence-informed, free to download teaching materials for ITT providers with a focus on preparing student teachers to work in diverse multilingual classrooms and to meet the learning needs of their current and future EAL pupils.

If you have questions about the programme, please use the Contact Us form.


Profesional Development Opportunities

Regional Centres of Expertise work with local schools to develop sustainable EAL provision

Free, one-hour, online webinars

A mix of either online or blended training courses

A calendar of upcoming webinars and courses

Courses and session materials have been designed by a group of EAL specialist teacher education experts