Initial Teacher Training

Nearly half of all teachers in England will be working with pupils from diverse backgrounds, and superdiversity in schools is becoming the norm. Ensuring that student teachers are prepared to meet the needs of pupils who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL) as part of their initial teacher education is essential, due to the scale of this challenge, and the need to ensure that their teaching practices are fully reflective of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The OECD Teaching and Learning Survey found that 57% of trainee teachers do not feel they were prepared to support EAL pupils when they finished their training. Supporting multilingual pupils is one of the top three topics where teachers report a high need for professional development (OECD, 2019).

Following research with the University of Edinburgh, The Bell Foundation has developed evidence-informed, free to download teaching materials for ITT providers with a focus on preparing student teachers to work in diverse multilingual classrooms and to meet the learning needs of their current and future EAL pupils.

The ITT Introduction to EAL module has been designed to be easily adapted to suit different ITT contexts, settings (including face-to-face and remote online sessions), and session durations to fit the needs and requirements of individual organisations.

Who is this free resource for:

  • ITT providers accredited by the Department for Education (England)
  • ITE providers accredited by the Education Workforce Council (Wales)
  • Higher Education institutes accredited to provide ITE (Scotland)
  • Higher Education institutes accredited to provide ITE (Northern Ireland)

For providers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland please note this module was developed in response to the ITT Core Content Framework for England, and it may be necessary to make adaptions to fit your policy context.

Next steps

ITT/ITE providers:

  • To access the ITT Introduction to EAL module please email, including the name of the accredited ITT/ITE provider you represent.
  • If you would like your trainee teachers to be taught using The Bell Foundation ITT Introduction to EAL module, but do not want/are unable to deliver it yourself, please email for information on delivery through Bell Foundation Licensed Practitioners.

Trainee teachers:

  • If you are a trainee teacher, or you work in a school which supports trainee teachers, please let the teacher training provider know about this new resource and ask them to visit this website or email

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