Maths scanning game

This colourfully designed resource can be used to develop scanning techniques and also to revise and consolidate basic maths vocabulary.

This resource consists of a sheet full of words relating to seven maths topics, with an accompanying information sheet with topic headings and word lists. The teacher writes down each of the topic headings (for example shapes, numbers, days of the week) on separate pieces of paper then folds the papers and puts them into a small bag/box. Learners pick out a piece of paper and then have 20 seconds to scan the sheet for  the topic words and to call out as many of the words as they can that relate to their topic. The learner with the most words is the winner. For a harder version extend the time and once the learner has called out the topic word they have to make a sentence containing that word. A blank grid for classifying the words into topics is also included, and a speaking frame for further support.

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