Why Train with The Bell Foundation

It raised interesting topics and helped me to more clearly understand my role as an EAL co-ordinator. It gave me a lot of ideas about directions to take in the future, and the confidence to train teachers to use EAL strategies in the classroom.

The Bell Foundation’s professional development courses and session materials have been designed by a group of EAL specialist teacher education experts. They are informed by up-to-date research evidence from the fields of EAL, Multilingual Education, Educational Research and Second Language Teacher Education. They have been piloted successfully in different school contexts in the UK and are subject to rigorous quality assurance and external evaluation processes.

The approach underpinning the courses draws on robust research into the design features of impactful teachers’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The Bell Foundation professional development courses:

  • Focus on facilitating teacher learning that leads to better pupil learning, based on the best available evidence
  • Engage participants in learning through working on active and interactive tasks, tackling real issues and relevant scenarios, developing practical solutions, trying out new practices, and evaluating the effects on their pupils and the school
  • Include collaboration and expert challenge through regular support and feedback from colleagues and tutors
  • Are structured to give school staff the time they need to learn new strategies in sufficient depth to apply them confidently to their practice
  • Allow school staff to reflect critically on their practice and on what they are learning

A whole school approach

Courses are designed to form part of an integrated whole-school approach rather than as isolated events that are thematically disconnected. There are a range of courses available to address the professional learning needs of all school staff, from senior leaders to Teaching Assistants. They offer pathways for development across a teacher’s career.

Senior Leaders Middle Leaders Class Teachers Inc. RQT/ NQT Subject Teachers Teaching Assistants EAL Co-ordinators Front line staff (including administrators and caterers)

Learning environments

Professional development courses are taught using three different learning environments to offer participants flexibility in time and place:


Professional development courses are available at various locations across England including Birmingham, Boston, Cambridge, Leeds, London and Luton.

95% recommendation rate for training across the EAL Programme.

An excellent session about the ways of supporting EAL pupils. For example, the importance of finding out about what a school is doing already. I had the opportunity to hear from others about their settings and to share good practise.

To find out more about forthcoming courses, please visit the Events and Training page.