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During school closures most learners will have experienced some degree of learning loss, and that loss is greater for certain groups, for example, those from lower socio-economic households and pupils who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL) who are in the early stages of English language development. Pupils using EAL may also have experienced language learning loss due to less or lack of exposure to English, putting them at a greater disadvantage and lessening their ability to access the curriculum, and perform to their full potential.

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To help with this, The Bell Foundation has compiled a list of resources (below) which provide exposure to extended reading, listening and speaking resources. Some resources are curriculum-focused, whereas others are language-focused. This is a ‘living’ resource and will be updated regularly.

Links to the webinar recordings and Great Ideas mentioned in the 'Return to School Guidance Video' can be found in the Guidance and Resources section below.

Return to school after home learning - resource list:

Guidance and Resources

As mentioned in the video, these blogs and webinar recordings are relevant for supporting EAL learners who are returning to school.

As mentioned in the video, the Great Ideas pages are a collection of different strategies that any teacher could use in their classrooms to support learners who use EAL.

Guidance and resources for teachers wishing to support EAL learners who are returning to school.

Guidance and resources for schools wishing to work more effectively with families of EAL pupils.

Guidance for learners who use EAL returning to school following an extended period of home learning.

Guidance for schools on how to help the parents of EAL learners to support home learning, including leaflets in 17 languages which are free to download.